Back to School!!

Back To School

Back To School (Photo credit: Cayusa)

         Hi Guys. It’s back to school time! I’m so excitef for my kiddo to be back to school. Just this day, infact at this very moment, he is now mingling with his classmates and teachers at school.  I enrolled him to Ruby(Opon Kindergarten School) for Nursery II. Yet I so wish that in the next school year, he will be attending K-1 in one of the best school around the city, probably Montessori, the best one in town I may say. The tuition is not very practical but it is worthwile. I heard my colleague said that his 4 year old son knows already how to read at that age. Looking at their site:, I’m just so impressed with their programs. I think, it’s the only one so far that has an active online community.  I’m online on the time because of my online job so it’s good to know that I could somehow check the school  for any upcoming  school and parent activities in a just few clicks of the mouse.  But, for the time being, he is staying at Ruby. I’ve read also great comments about the school through online community, It’s an inexpensive school yet it has proven good track record of providing best training for preschoolers. Infact, the school has been operating for more than 20 years or so. And infact, my father’s son attended his Kindergarten from the same school.  So I know he’s in good hands.  The disadvantage is, the place is quite far from our rented place though it only takes one ride to get there, by tricycle.


Nursery school environment    As a mother, it’s really innate within  us that our  sons/daugther will get all the best things in this world specially when it comes to good education. As for me, I really would like to get him to school that offer a relaxing, fun environment specially during their nursery years since this is one of the foundation as they are preparing to journey through life with full of uncertainties. 

On the other note, I’m glad I have other means of earning extra income. This is really helpful for my son’s education and for our needs and wants. Thank for it also for I gained 10 lbs now. lol. I think I’m better looking if i gained weight than losing.  There’s just too many things to be grateful for. 

I thank God for everything that has happened to me in the past months. For one  I was able to send my son back to school. This is just one of the many blessings to thank for.  And I wish that God will continue to bless me and my son and guide me everyday towards a better life. 




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