Bigmac sings his heart out

My baby is almost 3 year old but he barely can speak a three syllable word, but he doesn’t have problems enunciating a two syllable word. I even heard him babbles sometimes. My friend has a kid of the same age as Bigmac but already can talk straight. Perhaps because Bigmac learns to walk first than speak? Superstitious eh! Well, I got the idea from my friend who says so. Despite his speech delays, I so enjoy watching and listening him sings. Some of the songs he knew so far are the famous Nursery songs such as London bridge and Old mcdonald song. He also likes the Justin Bieber Baby song. He likes to sing along with it. But nothing beats his ABC song, please take time watching these videos. I hope you enjoy it as much as enjoy watching my son.

Here’s another one:

Yohooo. Kudos Bigmac.Well done!!! ehehehe

I confided with my friend google, and it says and it seems to me there’s nothing to worry. Here’s the Speech-Language Developmental Milestones of a two year old excerpt from


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