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I so love MARCUS STEPHEN as much as I’m desperate to get him into the first page on googles search results page. As of this writing, Marcus Stephen hits 19th spot on google. See it live by typing marcus stephen in googles search bar and hit the go butt0n. Then navigate to the sec0nd page of the result page and you’ll see my bl0g link at the sec0nd to the last rank in the list. I need to land to atleast the bottom rank on first page of the result page. Oh how hard is it? I must kn0ck on googles door once again to get best advice ön how become successful in dealing with SEO.

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I so love Google. I can find anything and everything under the sun in just an instant. As I search through its search result page upon making an effort to atleast land the first page on google’s search result page, I came across this 5 Easy Steps to boost more traffic on your site. Simply add your blog to your Facebook Profile. It can be done in just 5 minutes. It’s a surefire way of attracting more visitors on your site. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Visit your Facebook Profile page and select the “Settings” tab under the “What are you doing now?” status update box.

Step 2: Under “Stories Posted by You”, you’ll see, “You can automatically import activity from YouTube, Flickr and other services to your profile.” You need to select the “other services” link.

Step 3: Select “Blog/RSS” on the far right side of the page.

Step 4: Enter the complete URL for your blog.

Step 5: Your blog feed is automatically imported to your Facebook status updates. Next time you publish a post on your blog, check your Facebook profile, and you’ll see that post appear as a snippet on your Facebook profile page as a status update. It’s that easy to spread the word about your blog using your Facebook profile!

Google showed me a plethora of useful information on getting your blog or website SEO’d. If you are really serious on optimizing your visibilty on the web, you may spend $ and hire a professional SEO. You may also have to spend few bucks should you need to submit your blog in a search engine directory. But I found this free directory page in which you can submit your site for fee listing on search engine directory.


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