Bigmac’s First Dance Step

Marcus Stephen is growing up so fast. I’m afraid in few years time he neither want to be cuddled nor kissed already specially that he is a boy. They(boys) normally don’t want their Mom to keep on hugging and kissing them specially while infront of their “girlfriends.”

At his age now, I can still kiss and hug him when he’s in a good mood, but not anytime as I want to. He’s somewhat aloof to everybody but the yaya(Nanny). I often heard him ask a kiss from her. Hmmm. I so envy her. 😀

He likes to dance and sing when he wants to but do not force him to do it. He won’t like it when somebody pressure him to do what he doesn’t feel like doing. I’m so proud of him. At his age, he already can identify the English alphabet, the basic shapes and colors and most of the time speaks in english language.

Here’s a little glimpse on Bigmac’s first and only dance step learned so far, but as what I’ve said, he doesn’t want to be pressured hence, you can only see few clips of his dancing steps:

Marcus Stephen was 2 years old, 7 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old when I took this video in Camella Homes Rented space


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