One Week Leave-with-Pay for Single Parent

Thanks to my colleague, Chique , for bringing this up to my attention. I never knew that there exists this leave benefit until she told me that she will go to the DSWD office to renew her Solo Parent ID. This ID entitles you for a leave benefit of not more than 7 days apart from the leave benefit under the existing laws. Please read Section 8 HERE.

She told me to get a certification from the Baranggay Office where I am presently residing as a proof of my status as a single parent then to proceed to the City Hall to file for a Solo parent ID at the DSWD office.

As soon as you have acquired for a solo parent ID, present that to your employer and enjoy a week leave-with-pay benefit with your loved ones.

I’m gonna do this ASAP!! I’m planning to go home to Mindanao in April. I hope I can have a 2 week vacation with pay. Hmmmm. Isn’t this exciting?

Please read the full article of REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8972

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To God be the Glory


4 thoughts on “One Week Leave-with-Pay for Single Parent

  1. wow… long vacation,, happy to hear that, sonds good .. at least you can spent your vacation in our hometown , hoping it will come true by God s grace!! see you soon. ingats ……………:)

    • 2 more boss’s to go, one had already approved it. I hope the two are as kind-hearted as the other one… 😀 Thanks for dropping by. God bless to you and your family…

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