What Makes Me Cry

The last time I shed tears was when the grandparents brought my son back to my place on the very first day of January 2012.

It was Sunday afternoon, I was alone in my rented house since the baby sitter went home to Negros to celebrate with her sister's wedding. I was a bit emotional that time for I spent my new year's eve without my son. He was with with his father's family in Canjulao for no one would watch him at day time as his nanny was away. He was spending his weekend as usual at his father's house. But that weekend was somehow unusual for him. His "yaya" was away, and his grandparents looked after him. So when he returned home, my baby cried so hard that he did not want to be left behind by his "lola" and "lola." He kept on calling their names, worst, he did not want to be cuddled by me. I felt pity at him that it burst out into tears. I just cried with him I know he's not comfortable with our situation and I'm pretty sure he is confuse as to why he had to to be separated away from his grandparents every weekend, but he just can't express it into words. Someday he will understand.

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