5 Medicinal plants in one nutritious drink

Dahon Ng Sili
Talbos Ng Kamote, were all pack into one to give you this amazing juice drink. Its full of nutrients that your body needs to boost your immnune system and be your shield against viruses and deadly disease. The 5 medical herbs as shown above were the main ingredients in making this product. You may not aware that “Malunggay” contains 7 times the vitamin as orange, 3 times the potassium in bananas, 2 times the protein in milk, 4 times the calcium in milk, and four times the vitamins in carrots. “Dahon ng Sili” on the other hand, is the most important gastrointestinal deoxidizer, which means that any abnormal functions on your stomach and intestine will be healed through the help of this herbal plant. The next ingredient is the “Saluyot.” It is so vital for lactating mothers as it helps produce milk that are fully packed with nutrients necessary for their infants. It can also relieve pains, fever, and even help a person’s bowel to be purified. The Uray serves as the expectorant which can help eliminate a person’s cough. It is also helps in stopping a liquid bowel. The last ingredient is “Talbos ng kamote” which is a good source in Vitamin A and Calories. It also good for curing diabetic illness.

You are already aware of the nutrional values brought by the main ingredients on this product. Please give value to your health by feeding nutritious drinks such as this one. You can call or email me anytime when you want to try out this product.


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