10 RULES For raising well-balanced Children


RULE 1 Allow your children to be themselves. Teach them
right from wrong and discipline them, but don’t try to mould
their personalities into what you would like them to become.

RULE 2 Praise your children’s accomplishments, no
matter how small. Praise far more often than you criticise,
and never tease them.

RULE 3 Never compare one child with another.
RULE 4 Always build up the image of your children’s
natural father.
Teach your children to pray
and love God, by example.

RULE 5 Be fair and always keep your word, so that your
children will respect you.

RULE 6 Allow your children to win against you

RULE 7 Present a united front with your husband.
RULE 8 Never shield your children from life’s difficulties.
Overcoming difficulties is how character is developed.

RULE 9 Have your children earn all their pocket money.
Teach them the satisfaction of work.
RULE 10 Teach your children to pray and love God, by

Excerpt from the Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood book by Helen B. Andelin:


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