Missing Pieces

“It’s been a year that we haven’t seen each other. I went home last January 2011, since then I always long for their presence. As much as I want to see my family as often as we want to but I don’t have all the luxuries in the world to go from one place to another anytime I want to. There’s always a missing piece in me when I’m away with them. I wonder when would I become whole again. I felt so alone. I have no one to talk with as if I’m talking with one of them. I don’t have that someone to whom I could share my innermost feelings without the fear of judgement and rejection. I’m so incomplete. I need to solve the puzzle from the missing pieces of me. It may not be to literally be with them in person but I know there are other ways to make my life complete again.


2 thoughts on “Missing Pieces

  1. ohh drama queen ,,, that is my sis!!… but shes a concerned sis to our family and a very responsible mom to her kid.. God knows about that, thats why i really very proud of her ,, i thank God for having her in our family as our youngest sibling but sad to say that we are far away from her and her only son.. but in our prayers they are very near to us everyday in our life,,, even though we are far but malapit din in our thoughts and in our hearts! because of my hectic schedule as a career woman/business woman and at the same time a superwife to my wonderful husband i really try to have time to communicate my youngest sis , and sometimes i forget to call her ,, so sorry for that my sis , because of so many things to accomplished !! but inspite of these , everyday in my prayers , i don’t forget her and his son to include in my prayers… 🙂 as of this time were still longing to her presence in our family ,, but only prayers can do!!! 🙂 prayer is so powerful!!! God bless to u dear sis and to my beloved pamangkin big mac … hugs and kisses !!! :))

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