Deca Homes Mactan 4

Location Barangay Bankal, Lapu-Lapu City
Developer: 8990 Housing Development™
Property Type: House + Lot
Dwelling Type :2 Storey Townhouse
Year Built: 2011
Furnished Status: Not Furnished
Building Construction: Concrete
Status Currently Vacant – ready for immediate occupancy
Terms Fixed and non-negotiable
Neighborhood: Suburban Residential


Deca Mactan 4 Photos

Deca Mactan 4 Videos

House Features: Subdivision Features:

Model : Townhouse, 2-Storey
Structure : Pre-Cast Concrete
Wall Interior : Unpainted, Smooth Cement Finish
Wall Exterior : Painted Smooth Cement Finish
Floor : Plain Cement Finish
Ceiling (2/f)
Bedrooms: bare
Toilet and Bath : 1
Eaves & Fascia : Bended Colored Steel
Windows : Aluminum Jalousie w/ Glass
Door : Hollow Core
T&B: With Tiles Flooring
Wall : Plastered with 0.60m H Tiles
Toilet : Flush Type
Lavatory : White
Kitchen Counter : With Tiles
Kitchen Sink : Pre-Fab Concrete Sink
Stairs : Concrete
Roof Framing Steel Purlins
Roofing Colored Sheet, Gauge 28
Front : False Gutter, Colored Steel, Spanish Design
Rear : None
Water Lines : PVC Pipes and Fittings
Water Connection : Separates Charge
Electrical Lines : Complete
Electrical Connection : VECO, Separate Charge

• Concrete Roads
• Concrete Curbs & Gutter
• Underground Drainage System
• Entrance Gate with Guard House
• Basketball Court
• Multipurpose Hall
• Commercial Area
• Perimeter Security Fence
• Centralized Water System w/ OH Tank

Deca Homes Mactan 4 Regular Deca Homes Mactan 4 w/ Garage

Lot Area: 40 sq.m
Floor Area: 54.4 sq.m
Total Package Price: P920,000.00
Loanable Amount: P900,000.00
Reservation Fee: P5,000.00
Equity 3 mos (0%interest) P15,000.00

Lot Area: 52 sq.m
Floor Area: 54.4 sq.m
Total Package Price: P995,200.00
Loanable Amount: P975,200.00
Reservation Fee: P5,000.00
Equity 3 mos (0%interest) P15,000.00

Estimated Montly Amort: P7,771.17

Estimated Montly Amort: P8,407.54

Please contact these numbers 0943-440-6819 / 0905-124-6359 for more information. If you want to leave me a message, please fill out the form with your respective correct information below: Thank you so much. To god be the glory –

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